CIRA International is a full-time service ministry to Muslims establish since 2010.

It is divided into three sub-entities:

CIRA Media

  • Radio Outreach & Awareness – CIRA has it’s own Radio programming called “Let Us Reason. A Christian-Muslim Dialogue with Al Fadi”. This radio programming can be accessed at:
  • TV Evangelism & Discipleship Programming – CIRA has a partnership with like-minded ministries such as “Leading the Way Ministries” and “KINGDOM SAT” to do various TV shows on Muslim Evangelism and Discipleship - (see samples here:
  • Various Interviews on Media outlets (Including Christian and non-Christian Radio & TV) - such as; The Janet Parshall Radio Show "In The Market" at Moody Radio; CBN; & Fox News, Canadian TV, Arabic Evangelical Satellite TV programming; and English Evangelical Programming, among many others.
  • Social Media - Blog writing, Face book and other social media outreach, web based article publications, and book writing

CIRA Institute

  • To educate church members specifically on tools to reach out to Muslims with the Gospel message (i.e. Outreach approaches to Muslims, best practices, approach modules, etc…).
  • To disciple church members and practitioners by equipping them to become more effective in responding to the challenges which will arise during Islamic Evangelism and Outreach to Muslims (i.e. theological foundations & apologetic tools); both generic and specific to Muslim context.
  • To train short-term & long-term missionaries to Muslims
  • To inform and train future Pastors and Church leaders on Islamic Evangelism through lectures; seminars; and forums, at Bible Colleges and Seminaries
  • Work with International Students’ Campus ministries to train them and equip them on effective evangelism and tools for outreach among Muslim students.

CIRA Consulting

  • Assist in direct translation, editing, and evaluation of translation projects by others for sensitive ministry projects focused on Arab speaking and Muslim audience .
  • Perform consulting work for human rights legal entities, Para-churches, and independent ministries on topics related to specialized Islamic outreach approaches & training curricula, Political & Radical Islam, and Sharia Law & Human Rights.